Sep 15, 2011

Further hiatus updates

Oh my god.....Internet..... @_@

So, I think it's obvious from the title of this post that I'm not back yet. I've completed my move, but I've been having trouble convincing Comcast to give me internet, so I don't actually have any way of posting or doing my research. (I'm posting from a cafe right now, but you can imagine how I might not want to pay a $5 per hour "coffee charge" for the internet.) Until Comcast hooks me up, I can't really post, and I don't have any word from them yet on when I'll get a connection. Right now all I can promise is that I'll start working again as soon as I have the internet. Thanks for being so patient - I can't wait to make my comeback! :D

Sep 3, 2011

Hiatus Update

Hello all!

It's the beginning of September, and I figured it was about time for an update.

The good news: my husband and I were able to recruit my sister for childcare until she goes back to school at the end of the month, which took a lot of pressure off us in terms of my husband being able to wrap things up at his job and me being able to pack. We found a place in Portland (woot!) and will be moving up there on the 10th. Best of all (for me...maybe not for the blog), I'll have my weekends back! Wahoo!!!

The bad news: the site will be on hiatus until at least the 12th while I get the rest of our stuff packed up and moved out. It's looking like I might have to use the rest of my vacation for it, too, which is sad, because I wanted to use it to see Dreams Come True in Seattle. *has a sad*

So I'll make the promise to be back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, on the 15th. Hopefully that'll give me enough time to finish this crazy thing, at which point I can go back to my routine of being unstressed, listening to Japanese music, and providing awesome commentary on it. Also, buying tea from the specialty spice place down the street from us. And sipping coffee from cute little corner bistros for breakfast. And going to Japanese lives on weeknights because I only have to make a 15 minute drive to get back to my house to sleep at night. You know. The usual.


To hold you over, here's the playlist I've been using to pack to (after the jump). I literally could never get sick of listening to this music.

Aug 12, 2011

Hiatus Freaking AGAIN

So some things have come up in my life that require me to take yet another effing hiatus. Long story short, we've completely lost access to childcare, so my husband has to quit his job to take care of our son. Unfortunately, his job provides the place we live, so we also have to move. (Before you ask, I can't quit my job for a number of reasons, foremost of which is that I have the bigger income, the retirement account, provide the health care, etc.) Worst of all, we're losing our current day care in less than two weeks, so that's all the time we have to find a place, get packed, and moved in. So I'm going to be packing and cleaning and calling apartments for openings like a crazy mad woman (yeah, double crazy) until the beginning of September. At which point I'll be unpacking and cleaning like a mad woman, but at least then I won't have a deadline as tight as a noose.

So I'll see you all in September. As a parting gift I offer you the following discs that I would have written about. They're all good (and surprisingly so in two different cases).

- Chemistry, "independence" (Single, Pop)
- Buono!, "Partenza" (Single, Pop)
- SCANDAL, "BABY ACTION" (Album, Rock)
- Tanimura Nana, "NANA BEST" (Album, Pop)

Also, don't bother with Yamashita Tetsuro's "Ray of Hope." It sounds like he was purposefully trying to recreate horrible 90s ballads.

Until we meet again, friends.

Aug 8, 2011

Perfume to Appear in "Moteki"

From Tokyohive

Perfume is making their big-screen debut in the romantic comedy "Moteki," a movie about a young man taken by surprise by moteki - a period time time where he's more attractive and popular. The movie is an adaption of a drama (which is an adoption of a manga), and in one scene of the drama the main character dances to Perfume's song "Baby Cruising Love." The director decided to do a similar scene in the movie, but this time with Perfume themselves dancing as well. The movie will be in Japanese theaters on September 23.

As they're one of my favorite groups, I'm excited to see that Perfume's really getting a lot of attention this year. I hope they have just as much success with this as they did with "Cars 2!"

How Can I Help You?

Now that I've changed the format of the blog, I'm having a lot more fun. It's great to be able to review music I like it, instead of reviewing mediocre music just because my J-Music Wheel of Fortune commanded me to write about it.

Still, I feel like there's more out in the J-Music world that I could be learning, and thus sharing with all of you. I mean, I'm constantly translating interviews to post on Gaijin Kanpai; should I post those here, too? I see news from Tokyohive; should I pass along the interesting stories? Maybe I should translate more lyrics, like I did for "Sora ga Natteiru." Maybe I should pass along interesting PVs and other interesting videos. Maybe I should post videos of cats! (Hmm...perhaps not.)

I want to hear what you think. Go over to my Facebook page and vote on the poll I created. ("Like" the page while you're at it. Do it!)